E24: Overhauling rear brake calipers

This post describes the overhaul of the rear brake calipers and parking brakes on an E24 M635CSi. I had my calipers sandblasted and painted by a company specializing in this type of work but you may also do this yourself. 1) PREPARATION - Repair kits (piston rings, dust covers, parking brake shoes, disks) - Half-open 11mm wrench, open 14mm wrench (to disconnect brake lines) - 19mm socket (to remove calipers) - Large screwdriver (to remove brake pad retainer clip) - Allen keys (to remove disk M8 inner hex bolt and caliper guiding bolts) - Copper brush (to remove dirt from the brake line connection) - WD40 You may drain the brake fluid before starting the procedure. I did not, just sealed the brake lines with a plastic bag after disconnecting them. After reinstallation of the calipers, the brakes need to be bled anyway. 2) LIFT CAR Jack up the rear of the car. Remove the wheel. 3) REMOVE CLIP Use a large screwdriver to remove the brake pad retainer clip by p

E24: Replacing Constant-Velocity joint with VKJA 8810

Hey there... This post is about the replacement of the Constant-Velocity joint on the output shaft of an E24. The same applies for example to an E23 or E28. This article does not describe the replacement procedure itself - for that, have a look at my other post:  Overhauling dust covers  - but zooms in on some particular differences between the original BMW C-V joint and the replacement kit VKJA 8810 from SKF. This kit comes fairly complete at an affordable price of around 80 Euros. Besides the C-V joint, it includes a dust cover, grease, sealant, and the Torx bolts plus reinforcement plates to install the output shaft to the car. The reason for replacement can be found in the inner race suffering from severe damage / wear marks. The BMW repair manual states that the new C-V joint must be installed with the inner race collar facing the shaft. The collar is an indication of the side of the race where the teeth have a small recess. The recess is needed because the splines

E24: Overhauling dust covers / C-V joints on the output shafts

Hey there... This post describes the replacement of the rubber dust covers and Constant-Velocity joints on the output shafts of an E24 M635CSi as indicated by items 4&5 in the picture below. Some practical remarks up front: First of all, this is a fairly simple DIY job. If you're not only going to replace the dust covers but also intend to clean and re-grease the bearings (i.e. the C-V joints) it will be quite time-consuming and messy, but not difficult. Although the repair manual suggests that you'll need a workshop press to push the shaft out of the bearing, this is actually not needed since the splined shaft can be easily removed from the bearing by hand. Secondly, keep in mind that you need to remove the bearing only on one end of the shaft, then you will be able to replace both rubber bellows. 1) PREPARATION - Repair kit bellows. The kit comes with the right amount of grease, sealant etc. Or: - Complete repair kit including C-V joint, bellows and bolts e.g.